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I like maps, the web, and outside things. Ski mountaineering, for example.

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Pair Programming

There are a plethora of blog posts about how to Pair Program. Here are a few notes I have made based on my experience pairing full time for the last ~1.5 years. Look forward to more coming soon about pairing remotely and working remotely! go slow Pairing is awesome. See, e.g., this blog post. It really only works if you both people are truly involved. Oftentimes, this means slowing down on a concept that may be mindless for
- Pair Programming

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Mutable Opinions

Ready for a strong opinions, weakly held post? I subscribe to this philosophy as a sort of perscription against dogma. I've also been playing with [the functional language] Elixir recently so you can understand my excitement when I saw the following tweet: Hey software devs - as you move into the world of functional programming, make sure your opinions stay mutable.— Brian P. Hogan (@bphogan) January 15, 2016 Of course I got excited about a response that involved Elixir's
- Mutable Opinions

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Dockerize a Rails App

Heard lots about Docker and you want to try it out? This tutorial will demonstrate one way to get a simple Rails app running in Docker. You're going to need a linux environment to follow along. If you're using a Mac I recommend you just follow the directions I wrote about getting set up with Vagrant. That will cover installing Docker and Docker Compose. If you already have a linux environment, you can just install them as follows. Installing Docker
- Dockerize a Rails App

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Treat Yourself to a VM

Maybe you want you run linux on your mac (to play with docker, perhaps). This tutorial will walk you though setup of a Vagrant VM. At the end, you'll be able to easily boot and connect to a virtual linux machine and develop ruby on it. We're also going to install docker. This is basically a list of commands without a lot of context. Sorry! environment setup These instructions use Vagrant. You can download a .pkg file on vagrant's site
- Treat Yourself to a VM

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New Beginnings

It's a new year and this one holds a bunch of changes for me.* For starters, I'm starting a new job! I'll be working with the development team at WellMatch. I start on Monday, but my new computer arrived this morning. It's been a while since I set up a dev environment, so here's a quick rundown of the things I did to get it up and running. I'll update more as I make more changes. Keyboard: Fix caps lock
- New Beginnings

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