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I like maps, the web, and outside things. Ski mountaineering, for example.

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How I Git

I'll bet you use git (or Subversion or something, but I know git so that's what I'm writing about). This post may be review for you, but I have opinions and I want to share them on the internet! Jason McCreary wrote some posts about git including this one which sums up git rebase better than I care to. Check it out. Why do we use git; what problem are we trying to solve? Revert - You want to be
- How I Git

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How To Remote

Working with a remote team has many advantages*. It can also be hard to do effectively. * This post is how to remote. As for why, maybe I'll cover that in the future. Why you should listen to me I started working at an all remote company two years ago. We have since merged with an onsite ("remote-friendly") company and later been enveloped by a huge corporation. Each step along the way saw the workplace become less friendly to our remote
- How To Remote

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Breaking Rules - Part 1: Sandi Metz

Rules are great, and nearly everybody likes to break them so this series will explore how and when it's appropriate to break rules. There is a (trite) philosophy stating Learn the rules well so you can break them properly This post attempts to break down how or when to "properly" break some specific rules. Sandi Metz has four rules (or five or six) for writing Ruby (and Rails) code Classes can be no longer than one hundred lines of code
- Breaking Rules - Part 1: Sandi Metz

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Introduction to Backcountry Skiing

Those who talk to me in the winter know that I love spending time skiing the backcountry. I've learned enough over the years that I think I can share some useful tips for folks getting into the sport. This post is aimed at comfortable resort skiers looking to expand their skiing horizons. Most of this applies equally to splitboarding. If you're going to splitboard then my best advice is to practice with your gear a lot. Break the stereotype of
- Introduction to Backcountry Skiing

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Tooling for Remote Work

This post relates to my post on pairing, but digs into some tooling that will help make your life better. Stay tuned for the next post on how to use some of these tools. learn to use vim/tmux Until something better comes along, learn to use vim and tmux if you want to pair remotely. There is defnitely a steep learning curve so remember to use good pairing practice and support people who are new to the tools. The
- Tooling for Remote Work

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