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I like maps, the web, and outside things. Ski mountaineering, for example.

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COLOBackcountry architecture

This post refers back to my COLOBackcountry project. The project takes advantage of the standard Rails MVC pattern to serve up some of the content, and relies on an internal API for the rest. The app basically has a few static pages (main/index, about, etc.) and show pages for the individual ski routes. The pages are rendered in the normal way and the map data are pulled in from a GeoJSON API. This gives the app a very modular
- COLOBackcountry architecture

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Wiring up CRUD Actions Between Ember and Rails

This is not fully fleshed-out, but we're using it. There are some tutorials out there to help you get started with pairing the excellent Ember front end javascript framework with a Rails back end API. It can be a little harder to find a condensed source to help you go beyond simple GET requests. This tutorial is based off of a project called Snowcial, and will cover implementing CRUD actions for an existing groups model. You can substitute this with
- Wiring up CRUD Actions Between Ember and Rails

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Adding Google Analytics to your DO-Hosted Ghost Blog

It seems like quite a few folks I know are blogging with Ghost and Digital Ocean. I'm doing it too, and I'd advise following our lead. The process is simple which lets you focus on blogging. If you're going to the trouble of blogging then you're probably interested in tracking your readers. Google Analytics is a pretty easy way to do that so I'll show you how to get it set up. I'm assuming you already have your blog set
- Adding Google Analytics to your DO-Hosted Ghost Blog

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Choosing Vim: How

Here's a scary post for Halloween! As I previously mentioned, I'm in the process of getting into Vim. Here's how: These devs, they come at you all "Hey. Hey kid… use my dotfiles"— Josh Cheek (@josh_cheek) January 23, 2014 I talked to a friend who helped me out by sharing a bunch of recommendations for getting started with Vim. While there are a load of vim plugins out there, I think it is worth adding them
- Choosing Vim: How

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Choosing Vim: Why

It's the hip new thing to do: Start using vim. I've played with a number of text editors in my brief programming experience. First it was Gedit, which I actually like quite a bit. Then I played around with SublimeText for a while. My time at Turing started out with me using Atom, at the time barely out of beta. I even downloaded Textmate. Now I'm trying to move over to Vim. Let's back up just a little. Text editors
- Choosing Vim: Why

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