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I like maps, the web, and outside things. Ski mountaineering, for example.

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Open Source Map Stack, Part 1: The DB

The Project I'm currently working on a web mapping project for Turing. It is effectively a guidebook for backcountry skiing and ski mountaineering with user-generated content. It relies pretty extensively on mapping these routes, and that has been a good challenge. There are three main pieces of my free and open source map stack: Leaflet map Ruby on Rails framework PostGIS database The crux of this project is wiring the stack together. I'm going to document some of that process
- Open Source Map Stack, Part 1: The DB

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There's more than one way to build a cart

You know when you want to buy something online and you click a button to "add to basket" or something along those lines? I've been thinking about this process pretty extensively lately, and I've built a number of different carts. I'd like to think that now I know a few advantages and disadvantages to some different styles of cart. Consider this post a primer. The Session Hash Cart This is a very simple way to build a shopping cart and
- There's more than one way to build a cart

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